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When it comes to digital payments, options aren't just optional anymore. Thanks to consumer enthusiasm for CNP-enabled mobile and online shopping, P2P payments, "buy now, pay later" financing and more, digital channel revenues are expected to top $5.9 trillion by 2023. That's a $1 trillion increase in just one year. And available payment options may determine who gets the lion's share. Already, 57% of consumers choose businesses based in part on the payment options offered. Which means there's huge potential in helping merchants and other organizations expand the ways they transact with their customers. But make no mistake: Whatever the channels or financing options you enable, they'd better be swift, seamless—and secure. In 2022, $17.3
billion will be lost just to CNP fraud. Throw in $25 billion in chargeback fraud and another $16 billion from account takeover (ATO), and you're talking real money. But a brute force approach to squashing fraud isn't the answer either. More than $4 trillion changes hands each year as consumers defect from one business to another due to transaction friction. Outseer is the answer. Through data science and globally-shared transaction intelligence, we prevent more than 95% of all fraud loss, with step-ups required only for the 5% of payments warranting extra scrutiny. By seeing what others can't, our solutions lead to better approval rates, fewer false negatives, higher revenues, and a swift, smooth transactions that leave swindlers sucking wind.

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Outseer 3-D Secure™

Leverages the EMV 3-D Secure protocol to provide a fast, friendly, and secure digital shopping experience.

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Outseer Emerging Payments™

Authenticate new digital commerce transactions across the pay before, pay now, and pay later spectrum.

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