Account Takeover Detection

Easily tell friend 
from faux

Distinguish authentic users from fraudsters for a
whole new level of security, convenience, and trust.

Increase convenience, defeat account takeovers

With the dark web awash with compromised login credentials, account takeovers surged 90% from 2020 to 2021, according to Javelin Research. So how do you tell an authentic user from an intruder? Outseer is the answer. Through identity science, predictive analytics, and strong authentication options such as FIDO compliant biometrics and passwordless authentication methods,
we provide the foresight to block threat actors at the door. By protecting authentic users, you earn trust. And users gain the confidence to transact with you anywhere, anytime, from any device or channel. It's a win-win for everyone but the cybercriminals.

Enabled by

Outseer Fraud Manager™

Protects customer interactions and transactions with risk-based decisions while delivering seamless customer experience.

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Outseer FraudAction™

Delivers rapid detection, takedown, and data insights related to phishing sites, rogue apps, and fraudulent social media pages.

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