Why Choose Outseer

Proactive Fraud Prevention

Fraud & Authentication Orchestration Platform

Orchestrate all of your data signals to consolidate workflows, decisioning, and step-up options while optimizing customer experience for both authentication and payment interactions.
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Superior Consortium Data, AI, & Machine Learning

Built on the foundation of RSA award-winning technology, Outseer solutions leverage data science and machine learning models proven in the largest financial institutions and highest-risk environments on the planet.
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Actionable Fraud Intelligence

Superior performing models are fueled by superior data. The Outseer Global Data Network is a consortium data platform where the largest FIs in the world share intelligence on fraud, mule accounts, compromised cards, and many other threats to your brand.
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Proven Fraud Protection

of annual protected payments
transactions and digital interactions protected annually
cards and bank accounts protected annually

Solutions You Can Trust

Your customers expect a safe yet frictionless experience that lets them shop, bank, and pay at their own speed. You should not be left with uncomfortable trade-offs between customer safety and customer experience. Through our superior data science, machine learning, and consortium data that is brought together in a single platform, you gain the foresight to stop fraud before transactions happen, and the ability to recognize your authentic customers quickly.
Outseer 3-D Secure
Balance security and cardholder experience so you can grow your business by increasing interchange revenues, decreasing fraud losses, and decreasing operational costs associated with call center activity, fraud investigation, and failed authentication.
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Outseer Fraud Manager
Leverage an award-winning payment fraud and customer authentication platform to stop fraud, reduce operational costs, and deliver innovative digital banking and payment solutions.
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Outseer FraudAction
Protect your customers and brand with dark web intelligence, rapid detection, and swift takedown service of external threats—compromised accounts from your brand, fraudulent RTP accounts, mule accounts and addresses, phishing, trojans, rogue mobile apps, and other brand abuse.
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Stop Fraud, Not Customers.

Fraud prevention doesn't have to come at the cost of customer experience.
Achieve 95%+ fraud catch with less than 5% customer challenges.

fraud catch rate
customer challenge rate

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