New Press Release: Outseer Appoints John Filby as CEO

Outseer 3-D Secure™

Balance security and user experience

Provide a frictionless, secure online shopping experience
for cardholders so you can grow your business.

About Outseer 3-D Secure™

More transactions, more revenue

Our EMV® 3-D Secure Access Control Server delivers the secure, frictionless digital shopping experience cardholders expect. Grow your business through increased transaction approvals and fewer cart abandonments.

Stop fraud, not transactions

Less card-not-present fraud loss, fewer chargebacks. Outseer 3-D Secure helps credit and debit card issuers and payment processors push losses down and revenues up.

Secure, frictionless digital shopping

Leverage the EMV 3-D Secure protocol to support a fast, friendly, and secure digital shopping experience.

95% fraud detection rates, 5% intervention rates

Secure transactions with high fraud detection rates, fewer customer step-ups, and a genuine-to-fraud ratio of 2:1.

Minimize your risk of loss

Minimize your risk of chargeback losses from card-not-present (CNP) fraud.

Boost your revenues

Higher transaction approval rates and less cart abandonment is great for business.

How it works

Managing digital transactions fraud is crucial to card issuers and payment processors, who bear the financial burden of bad transactions. Outseer 3-D Secure leverages the latest EMV 3-D Secure protocol to block fraud, not transactions.

  • Policy Manager
  • Case Management
  • Outseer Risk Engine
  • Outseer Global Data Network

Policy Manager

Translate risk intelligence into action based on your risk tolerance and business goals.

Case Management

Investigate fraudulent activities and provide feedback on case resolution.

Outseer Risk Engine

Uses machine learning to accurately differentiate customers from fraudsters.

Outseer Global Data Network

Our global consortium of identity intelligence and transaction data.

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Stop Fraud, Not Customers™

With over 20 years of experience fighting CNP fraud with proven results, Outseer 3-D Secure protected almost 1.2 B transactions and saved almost 1.6B $ in fraud losses.

• Our EMV 3-D Secure ACS solution, achieves over 95% fraud detection rates with intervention rates of 5% or less.

• Our low false positive rate means you can keep the costs of failed authentication attempts and fraud investigations to a minimum.

• Our high-fidelity fraud detection is backed by the Outseer Global Data Network™, the industry’s first and largest fraud intelligence network, with thousands of contributors worldwide.

See how much you could save in CNP fraud losses with Outseer 3-D Secure.