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Delight Customers, Defeat Fraudsters with Outseer

See how Outseer helps you stop fraud before transactions happen to strike the perfect balance of security and customer experience
  • Powered by identity science and globally-shared intelligence, Outseer delivers the industry’s highest fraud prevention rate with the lowest intervention rate anywhere
  • Fewer false positives and less intervention create better experiences and happier customers
  • Now, you can gain the confidence to transact with more people in more ways and places—without fear of heavy loss

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With Outseer, Fraud and Friction Will Never Stand a Chance

Outseer Fraud Manager™

Protect customer digital interactions with risk-based decisions while delivering a frictionless user experience

Outseer 3-D Secure™

Balance security and user experience so you can grow your business

Outseer FraudAction™

Protect your brand and your customers with our 24/7 fraud intelligence and cyberattack takedown service