Outseer Fraud Manager™

Protect customer digital interactions
with risk-based decisions

Deliver a frictionless customer experience with 95% fraud detection rates and 5% intervention.

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Securing every step of the customers’ digital journey

Our expertise protects your customers across all their digital channels with risk-based account monitoring decisions.

Minimize risk in a digital world

Outseer Fraud Manager provides the foresight to know which customer interactions are fraudulent, before they happen.

Seamless fraud prevention across channels

Assess risk for customer activities and transactions across their digital channels in real time.

Highest fraud detection rates in the industry

Delivering fraud detection rates of up to 95% and intervention rates as low as 5%.

Your choice of step-ups

Choose out-of-the-box step-up authentication options or use your own.

A complete ecosystem approach

Powered by the Outseer Risk Engine & Outseer Global Data Network.

How it works

All those channels, locations, and devices your customers use to do business with you? They make extremely attractive targets for cybercriminals. Outseer Fraud Manager helps you prevent fraud while preserving a winning customer experience.

  • Policy Manager
  • Case Management
  • Outseer Risk Engine
  • Outseer Global Data Network

Policy Manager

Translate risk intelligence into action based on your risk tolerance and business goals.

Case Management

Investigate fraudulent activities and provide feedback on case resolution.

Outseer Risk Engine

Uses machine learning to accurately differentiate customers from fraudsters.

Outseer Global Data Network

Our global consortium of Fraud intelligence and transaction data.

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