New Press Release: Outseer Summer ‘22 Release Deepens Investments in Fraud Detection and Reducing Customer Friction

Stop fraud before it happens, and know that every transaction is as real as the happy customer behind it.

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Your customers expect a frictionless experience that lets them shop, bank, and pay at their own speed. But rigorous anti-fraud systems can slow them down and sour their relationship with you. Not anymore.

Through our unique combination of identity-based science and transactional data from a globally sourced fraud network, you gain the foresight to stop fraud before transactions happen, and the ability to recognize your authentic customers quickly.

Defeating Digital Transaction Fraud & Friction


Outseer Fraud Manager™

Protect customers' digital interactions with risk-based decisions while delivering a frictionless user experience.

Outseer Fraud Manager™

Outseer 3-D Secure™

Balance security and user experience so you can grow your business.

Outseer 3-D Secure™

Outseer FraudAction™

Protect your brand and your customers with our 24/7 fraud intelligence and cyberattack takedown service.

Outseer FraudAction™


Outseer Risk Engine™

Applies advanced data science to deliver 95% fraud detection rates and intervention rates as low as 5%.

Outseer Risk Engine

Outseer Global Data Network™

The Outseer Global Data Network is the industry's first global consortium of shared fraud and transaction data, and it is designed to help you see what others can't.

Outseer Global Data Network

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Credential stuffing is when a bot, script, or other automation exploits a series of stolen login credentials (usernames and passwords) to infiltrate user accounts. Read on to learn how to protect your organization from this fraudulent action.

COO, Jim Ducharme
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Outseer Fraud & Payments Report

Read the Outseer Fraud & Payments Report for Q4, 2021: Digital transaction insights from the Outseer Global Data Network™

Outseer Fraud Report

Press Release

New Outseer™ Fraud & Payments Report confirms 44% jump in 3-D Secure volume fueled by Card-not-Present explosion and imminent PSD2 mandate.

Outseer™ Protects $100 Billion in Payment Transactions
Press Release

Outseer Risk Engine - More Fraud Detection, Less Intervention

Modern identity science meets predictive analytics. Outseer Risk Engine predicts what others can’t.

Outseer Risk Engine