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Professional Services

A full-range of world-class services ensure the success of your Outseer experience, including:

  • Implementation Services:
    Onboarding customers onto the Outseer solution using a well-defined approach based on best practices tailored to the customer’s need
  • Fraud Data Science:
    Optimize the fraud prevention potential of the Outseer solution through ongoing or adhoc consultation
  • Technical Account Management:
    Maximize the value of the Outseer Solution and your investment with a customer advocate who champions your business across all functions at Outseer
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Education Services

Available in a variety of formats to meet your needs:

  • Web-Based Training:

    The training portfolio for online courses covers three main areas:

    • Product Introduction
    • Product Applications
    • Outseer Technologies
  • Customized, Instructor-Led Training:
    Online or on-site, and can be recorded for continued use.

View the full course list.

Outseer University
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Customer Support Services

We offer a variety of models ranging from 9-5 to 7/24 application support coverage:

  • Get the assistance you need by portal, phone, or email — we’re always ready to help
  • Dedicated agents and resources for any implementation requiring an elevated level of support

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Support Community

US Toll Free +1 844 268 8733
US International +1 415 842 3467
Mexico Toll Free +52 800 283 3431
NZ +64 800 688 733
AU +61 1800 268 873
UK +44 800 640 4688

User Community

Find answers, ask questions, and connect with Outseer users and experts around the world.

Join our Support Community so that your business can stay up to date on:

  • Product updates and maintenance notifications
  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies
  • Analyst Reports
  • Connect with other Outseer Users
User Community