Market-leading detection and mitigation

Proven fraud protection

attacks detected &
shut down annually
12 hrs
average turnaround time for phishing takedowns
URLs checked annually
compromised emails detected annually

Protect your customers, brand, and operations from fraudsters

Safeguard your business with an important defense layer in your in-depth strategy

Outseer FraudAction is a global 24x7x365 dark web intelligence, rapid detection, and swift takedown solution that proactively detects and mitigates external threats—including phishing attacks, scams, mule accounts, and trojans—to protect your brand reputation, customers, and bottom line.
It is powered by Outseer’s innovative Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC), which monitors data feeds fueled by our predictive AI driven intelligence engine. Further support is provided by our FraudAction Cyber Intelligence (FACI) team consisting of highly-skilled intelligence operators and relationships built over 20 years with a global network of over 17,000 ISPs, hosting authorities, international law-enforcement agencies, and other entities. It boasts a market-leading average takedown turnaround time of under 12 hours, which translates annually to more than 200,000 attacks stopped and over 5.5 million compromised credit cards recovered.
FraudAction’s proactive threat interception protects brand loyalty and consumer confidence, shielding you from reputational harm and financial losses. It substantially reduces operational costs for banks and financial entities by reducing call center queues and interactions linked to phishing and scams. FraudAction is a key defense layer for any in-depth fraud mitigation strategy.
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Protect brand reputation and takedown threats
Swiftly identify and neutralize phishing and malware threats within a 12-hour timeframe to protect against potential harm to your customers, business, reputation, and financial stability to reinforce trust in your brand.
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Increase efficiency of call center operations
Optimize call center queues and interactions associated with phishing and scam-related inquiries to drive efficiency and cost savings for your organization.
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Identify emerging attacks on the dark web and social sites
Monitor dark web and social networks to identify threats in real time to detect and disrupt phishing and scam attempts. Safeguard against account breaches and financial losses and ensure the integrity of your business operations.
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Act on timely compromised card intelligence
Gain actionable cyber-intelligence through continuous dark web monitoring for compromised cards, minimizing your costs associated with card replacement and fraud losses.
FraudAction Anti-Fraud Command Center
Powered by the Anti-Fraud Command Center
Automated monitoring & rapid threat takedown
In 2004, Outseer’s Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC) was the first of its kind to offer an anti-phishing solution and it continues that tradition of innovation today. Leveraging expertise and global relationships, it has become the largest and longest-standing fraud operation center in the world.
The AFCC monitors data feeds from the automated predictive AI-driven data intelligence engine. When a threat is detected in the network, the detection is confirmed and the takedown process is swiftly initiated through a far-reaching partner network.
FraudAction Live Operators
Supported by FraudAction Cyber Intelligence
Automated & active fraud monitoring by live intelligence operators
FraudAction’s Cyber Intelligence service provides extensive visibility into the cybercrime landscape and operation as it pertains to your brands by leveraging long-standing, deep visibility into the dark web combined with deep research of social media forums. Over 100 highly-skilled, multilingual fraud and threat cyber intelligence experts analyze tens of millions of potential threats every day to protect millions of end-users around the world.
Our researchers leverage their many years of underground presence to conduct passive and active monitoring of fraudulent activity across a wide range of communication channels where cybercriminals trade compromised data, Fraud-as-a-Service (FaaS) offerings, tools, and knowledge. Our team conducts deep investigations, cross-reference analysis, and fraudster interrogations.

Assess & manage risks in a single, intuitive dashboard

FraudAction dashboard
FraudAction Dashboard
Assess and manage risks in a single screen for an overview of fraud activity targeting your organization. It synchronizes with the AFCC and updates in real-time so you can view mitigated threats and those that are still in an active takedown process.
You can drill down on the data, view trends through a wide range of graphic widgets, and download the full data set for offline analysis. FraudAction Cyber Intelligence information can also be exported from the dashboard for offline viewing.
FraudAction Dashboard API
The dashboard supports a modern RESTful API integration with standard JSON response, allowing your organization to integrate back-office applications directly with the Outseer FraudAction Dashboard to automatically pull data into your systems.
  • View real time status of attacks
  • Access and download intelligence feeds
  • Use the UI or API to extract the data to other security systems
Market-leading 12-hours turnaround time

Automated phishing takedown process

Phishing and brand abuse websites are often detected after email or text links are clicked, which can have harmful consequences. Rather than waiting for phishing to happen, the AFCC Detection Network can proactively detect phishing domain registrations before web hosting is set up—and often before a phishing campaign is even launched.
The AFCC also actively monitors app stores for rogue apps and social media phishing. When a threat is found, the global blocking network feeds into major web browser firms such as Google and Microsoft to block consumers from accessing them.
This process is highly automated and our trusted 20+ year relationships allows our blocks to be accepted without delays. Your customers are protected through browser-based blocking within minutes of detected phishing attack.
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Detection: Threat detection through Outseer's own monitoring coupled with the efforts our large network of global detection partners.This combination enhances visibility and early detection of phishing attacks before they are launched by cybercriminals.

Validation: The AFCC provides validation of hundreds of millions of suspicious URLs each day by running them through our proprietary risk engine and scoring them based on multiple parameters. URLs above the risk threshold are sent to analysts for manual validation.

Blocking: Immediately after a threat is validated, the AFCC acts to distribute phishing URLs to our blocking partners—covering Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Our global blocking network feeds confirmed phishing URLs into major web browser firms to block consumer access to the sites. Blocking is typically implemented within minutes of detection, quickly protecting your customers from potential phishing.

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Solution Capabilities

Real-time cyber threat and brand monitoring

To protect your online presence, FraudAction monitors a wide range of cyber threats that can cause brand damage and monetary losses. Some of the threats we monitor include:

A Comprehensive Threat Takedown Service

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Phishing sites, or websites mimicking your legitimate site, that are attempting to acquire sensitive personal information from end-users
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Malicious software and mobile malware, such as Android banking apps, unknowingly installed on devices with the purpose of stealing end-user information
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Social Media
Alerts on pages and accounts on social media platforms that are utilizing your brand names
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Mobile App
Alerts on apps available in app markets that are utilizing your brand names
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Abuse Mailbox
A dedicated email address enables customers to report suspicious emails to quickly detect and act against attacks
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E-pixel, also known as digital watermarking, enhances phishing detection
We also detect and take down threats through domain registration, SSL registration, email scams, executive monitoring, and web log monitoring. These capabilities include real-time alerts for newly registered or updated domains and SSL certificates, detection of various email scams, information on key executives for protection against cyber threats, and monitoring of web access logs to enhance phishing detection.

Dark Web Monitoring & Intelligence

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Indicators of Compromise
Standard data feeds to help your organization identify, prevent, or mitigate a threat in your network or your customer facing website, including emails, IPs, URLs
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Compromised Cards
Data reports on full or partial card information associated to an organization’s BINs
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Open-Source Monitoring
Reports on data associated with an organization gathered from a range of open-source sites known to be used also by cybercriminals
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Cybercriminal Assets
Reports on generic data pertaining to and used by cybercriminals and may help identify fraudulent activity within your organization—including mule accounts and addresses
credentials icon
Credential Recovery
Reported compromised credentials are associated to an organization’s corporate email or websites and are recovered from multiple sources including malware logs and third-party data breaches
Our cyber-intelligence is available in tiered packages, ensuring you receive the most relevant and actionable intelligence tailored to protect your customers from evolving cyber threats.

Explore our partner ecosystem

At Outseer, we're dedicated to fostering strong relationships with premier cybersecurity and fraud prevention technology resellers, distributors, and ecosystem partners across the globe. Our collaborative efforts with these partners aim to empower organizations of all sizes in managing, quantifying, and mitigating their cyber security and fraud risks effectively.
To discover an Outseer FraudAction partner that can support your needs within your region, please request a consultation and provide us with details of your requirements.
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