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attacks detected and shut down annually
compromised credit cards detected and recovered
20+ years
24/7/365 Anti-Fraud Command Center that monitors the dark web, URLs, and app stores and takes down threats to your customers and your brand
URLs checked per month
compromised emails detected per month

Stay a step ahead of cybercriminals

As fraudsters adapt their tactics, so do we. Outseer FraudAction continuously monitors the cybercrime landscape to shut down attacks before they damage your brand’s reputation.
Proactively find and take down phishing sites
Detect and disrupt phishing attacks before they compromise user credentials. By meticulously monitoring these pages, we swiftly catch and confirm phishing sites, leading to an immediate takedown process.
Defend against social sites & apps that abuse your brand
Detect bogus social media pages and remove them through partnerships with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Scan app stores to prevent rogue apps from impersonating your legitimate mobile app.
Secure your business emails and defend against spear phishing
Safeguard executives and employees from business email compromise (BEC) attacks and information-gathering scams. With vigilant monitoring, we proactively detect and thwart scammers impersonating executives, safeguarding employees from deceptive tactics.
Enhance your cybersecurity measures with comprehensive threat intelligence
Outseer FraudAction cyber-intelligence service mines and monitors the dark web to provide comprehensive and actionable threat intelligence reports and data feeds such as URLs, emails, credit cards, and credentials. Integrate our intelligence into SIEM and online fraud prevention platforms to trigger rules and mitigate fraud effectively.

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