Outseer FraudAction™

Fights cybercriminals so you can focus on business

Protect your brand and your customers with our 24/7 fraud intelligence and cyberattack takedown service.

About Outseer FraudAction™

Rapid detection, swift takedown

Keep your business safe from phishing and malware, rogue mobile apps, and fraudulent social media pages. Our fraud intelligence & cyberattack takedown service has you covered.

Stay a step ahead of cybercriminals

As fraudsters adapt their tactics, so do we. Outseer FraudAction continuously monitors the cybercrime landscape to shut down attacks before they damage your brand’s reputation.

24/7 all-inclusive threat management

24/7 end-to-end visibility and protection against phishing, Trojans, rogue mobile apps and social media pages

Expert intelligence, instant action

The cybercrime experts in our Anti-Fraud Command Center detect and take down sites used in attacks — fast.

Avoid losses and harm to your customers and your brand

Reduce your risk of financial and reputational damage from phishing and other cybercrime activities.

Know what others don't to keep your brand safe

Receive intelligence and insights on compromised data and potential threats to your organization.

How it works

As businesses embrace digital transformation, they face frequent and sophisticated cyberattacks. Outseer FraudAction monitors the threat landscape to shut down cyberattacks that target your customers or impersonate your brand.

  • Phishing attack shutdown
  • Rogue mobile app detection
  • Fraudulent social media pages
  • Cyber-intelligence services

Phishing attack shutdown

Scans millions of URLs daily to shut down phishing and malware sites.

Rogue mobile app detection

Monitors app stores to stop malicious apps from spoofing your brand.

Fraudulent social media pages

Identifies bogus social media pages targeting your business or customers.

Cyber-intelligence services

Expert threat intelligence feeds keep you on top of emerging threats.

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