Outseer Risk Engine™

Powering the decisions that protect your business

Applies advanced data science to prevent 95% of all fraud loss while interrupting only 5% of all transactions.

About Outseer Risk Engine™

Winning against risk

Outseer Risk Engine is built for precision detection, utilizing the most effective signals to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. Our predictive algorithms work in real-time to analyze hundreds of signals coming from the Outseer Global Data Network™, our Partners, and our Customers.

Powering the right risk decisions

Foundational to our offerings, the Outseer Risk Engine is unmatched in its ability to detect fraud.

Analyzes hundreds of data signals.

Includes device profile, geolocation, payment activity and more.

Scores each transaction

Uses available predictors and applies sophisticated machine learning algorithms to support better decisioning.

Maximize your fraud prevention investment

Outseer Risk Engine can consume signals and intelligence from your knowledge base when assessing the risk of an activity or transaction.

Leverages the Outseer Global Data Network™

The Platform enables our customers to provide comprehensive fraud protection across the digital journey.