New Press Release: Outseer Appoints John Filby as CEO

Outseer Risk Engine™

Powering the decisions that protect your business

Applies advanced data science to prevent 95% of all fraud loss while interrupting only 5% of all transactions.

About Outseer Risk Engine™

Winning against risk

Modern identity science meets predictive analytics. Outseer Risk Engine predicts what others can't to deliver the best fraud detection and lowest intervention rates in the industry. Nobody else comes close.

Powering the right risk decisions

Foundational to our offerings, the Outseer Risk Engine is unmatched in its ability to detect fraud.

Analyzes a wide range of data inputs

Includes device profile, cross-channel activity, location, payment history, third-party risk indicators, and more.

Scores each transaction

Assigns an accurate risk score to each digital transaction.

Supports your risk tolerance

Calibrate risk policies aligned with your business needs and broader threat environment.

Leverages the Outseer Global Data Network™

Draws and shares intelligence via our Global Data Network™ to save customers $350+ million a year in fraud costs.