Outseer Intelligent Platform™

Comprehensive fraud protection across the digital journey

Built for precision detection, the Outseer Intelligent Platform enables the right balance of security and user experience to confidently grow your business.

About Outseer Intelligent Platform

The Outseer Intelligent Platform™

The Outseer Intelligent Platform is a comprehensive fraud protection platform that enables our customers to detect and prevent fraud across the entire digital journey.

The Right Signals, at the Right Time

At the core of the platform is the Outseer Risk Engine™, built for precision detection to deliver the most effective signals used to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

Our predictive algorithm works in real-time to analyze hundreds of signals coming from the Outseer Global Data Network™, as well as signals from our Partners and Customers.

Driving Secure, Profitable Growth

Outseer customers can benefit from streamlined fraud operations and lower fraud losses all while maintaining the user experience. Better fraud detection also leads to higher authorization rates, which in turn drives revenues and profitable growth.

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