Stop imposters, not policyholders

Distinguish authentic users from fraudsters to protect customer accounts and prevent fraud.

More trust, less loss

Growing consumer expectations for digital convenience aren't going away for any business—including insurers. But it comes with rising risks. Armed with login credentials pilfered through phishing scams or acquired through the dark web, fraudsters are increasingly infiltrating policyholder accounts. Some seek to cash out high-value life insurance policies or annuities. Some seek to submit fraudulent homeowners or auto claims. And others aim to use or resell access to healthcare services. According to Javelin Research, losses from account takeovers
in the insurance industry jumped 73% in 2021. And Transunion reports the insurance sector now ranks among the top five industries targeted in fraud schemes. Faced with dueling tensions, insurers must make one of two options. Walk a tightrope between a frictionless user experience and fighting fraud. Or just choose Outseer. We can help you protect accounts from takeover while shutting down scams and sites designed to steal or distribute user login credentials. Which means it’s the smart way to ensure peace of mind for both you and your policyholders.

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Outseer FraudManager™

Protect activities and transactions across all digital channels while delivering a frictionless user experience.

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Outseer FraudAction™

Comprehensive threat management service that continuously monitors the cybercrime landscape to protect your business.

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