Information Security

Achieve Harmony Between Risk & User Experience 

Leverage data science to enforce risk-based authentication decisions and protect business and customer assets.

Kick Intruders to the Curb

Welcome to InfoSec's latest new reality. From remote to hybrid workforces, and from online-only to tap-and-mortar shopping, the pandemic and its aftermath have changed everything. And it's your job to secure accounts and information from unauthorized access, theft, disclosure, disruption, and more. But don't think for a moment that users are going to give up instant, uninterrupted interactions. When both fraud and friction are your enemies, Outseer is your best friend.
By harnessing data science, global transaction data, and 24x7 cyberattack intelligence and takedown capabilities, we give you the power to make accurate risk-based decisions in real time. Authentic users login and transact seamlessly, with step-ups reserved for only high-risk activities. And login-harvesting attacks are detected and shut down before they can cause serious harm. All balanced with your risk tolerance and business goals. And all in perfect harmony.

Enabled by

Outseer 3-D Secure™

Leverages the EMV 3-D Secure protocol to deliver a fast, friendly and secure digital shopping experience.

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Outseer Fraud Manager™

Deliver a frictionless customer experience across all digital channels with fraud detection rates as high as 95%.

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Outseer FraudAction™

Comprehensive threat management service that continuously monitors the cybercrime landscape to protect your business.

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