Fraud Prevention

Detect and stop fraud before it happens

Protect the organization and its customers from new and evolving fraud risks and prevent significant financial loss.

Put the Brakes on Fraud, Not Business

As technology offers amazing new ways to transact business, fraud risks proliferate. In 2021, $52 billion was lost to credit card fraud, account takeover, and account enrollment fraud, according to Javelin Research. Yet fraud prevention professionals understand that while fraud controls, processes, tools, and policies are expected to detect and prevent financial loss from internal and external fraud, they must also strike the perfect balance with customer experience, regulatory mandates, and the business's growth objectives. Thank goodness for Outseer. Through identity science and global transaction data, we provide a seamless customer experience while preventing 95% of all fraud loss. Oh, and reduced recovery costs and operations expenditures are a big plus, too.

Enabled by

Outseer 3-D Secure™

Leverages the EMV 3-D Secure protocol to deliver a fast, friendly and secure digital shopping experience.

3-D Secure

Outseer Emerging Payments™

Authenticate new digital commerce transactions across the pay before, pay now, and pay later spectrum.

Emerging Payments

Outseer Fraud Manager™

Deliver a frictionless customer experience across all digital channels with fraud detection rates as high as 95%.

Fraud Manager

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