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Account Enrollment Fraud Prevention

Secure customers’ enrollment and their entire digital journey

Bridge the gap between physical & digital identity

Propelled by the dramatic acceleration of digital transformation amid the COVID-19 pandemic, financial organizations are rolling out an explosive number of digital services to customers and prospects. In the US alone, digital banking is expected to surpass 200 million users in 2022. [source] At the same time, the volume of stolen and synthetic identities is climbing fast. According to Aite Group, losses stemming from identity theft jumped 42% in 2020—and aren't slowing down. [source]

Outseer Fraud Manager is the answer. By leveraging machine learning and data science expertise and partnering with identity verification vendor, Outseer Fraud Manager bridges the gap between physical and digital identity so you can ensure a delightful user experience—and defeat fraud at the same time. Nothing else comes close.

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Outseer Fraud Manager™

Deliver a frictionless customer experience with 95% fraud detection rates and 5% intervention

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