Account Enrollment Fraud Prevention

Secure customers’ enrollment and their entire digital journey

Bridge the gap between physical & digital identity

Financial organizations are rolling out an explosive number of digital services to customers and prospects. At the same time, the volume of stolen and synthetic identities is climbing fast. Synthetic identity fraud is a $6 billion-dollar problem [Forbes] which according to the FBI is one of the fastest growing types of financial crimes [FBI Citat].

Outseer Intelligent Platform is the answer. The Outseer Intelligent Platform™ enables our customers to provide comprehensive fraud protection across the digital journey. Outseer customers benefit from streamlined fraud operations and lower fraud losses all while maintaining the user experience. Outseer Intelligent Platform enables organization to roll out new digital services to their customers securely and seamlessly by protecting the enrollment phase are verify the user identity. Outseer Risk Engine is at the core of the platform, built for precision detection and utilizing the most effective signals to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. By leveraging partner technology for identity verification , Outseer bridges the gap between physical and digital identity so you can ensure a delightful user experience—and defeat fraud at the same time. Nothing else comes close.

Enabled by

Outseer Fraud Manager™

Protects customer interactions and transactions with risk-based decisions while delivering seamless customer experience.

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