Outseer enhances its Global Data Network with emails & email domains as well as aligns with Visa’s AI13373 FIDO mandate that went into effect in April 2024

BEDFORD, MA – April 5, 2024 – Outseer, a leader in providing solutions that defend against payment fraud, announced the release of new capabilities in its market leading 3-D Secure Access Control Server (ACS) that improve performance in fighting fraud and align with additional card authentication options provided through the VISA FIDO mandate.

Collaboration is paramount in the fight against fraud. Outseer’s commitment to collaboration is exemplified through its Global Data Network consortium of confirmed fraud shared by some of the largest card issuers and processers in the world. In addition to the wide variety of existing signal intelligence fields like merchant IDs, IP & geolocation, cookies, and many other signals, Outseer has now enriched that data with the ability to share emails and email domains when associated with confirmed fraud.

By sharing email and email domain entities within the data consortium community, Outseer amplifies its fraud detection capabilities, aligning with Federal Reserve best practices on data sharing. This collaborative effort bolsters the collective defense against evolving fraud tactics, ensuring a safer digital ecosystem for all.

“We are very pleased to add emails and email domains to the data shared in the Outseer Global Data Network,” said Yogesh Patel, Chief Technical Officer at Outseer. “Consortium data for confirmed fraud continues to be an important foundation of a good fraud strategy and feeds predictive AI with the appropriate data to improve fraud catch while reducing false positives. Email is an important digital data signal, and we are happy to make that available to our 3-D Secure solutions.”

Additionally, as fraudsters evolve their tactics, security measures must keep pace. Outseer has enhanced their ability to authenticate card transactions by integrating support for VISA FIDO on Behalf in 3-D Secure, aligning with Visa’s AI13373 mandate. This integration aims to provide stronger authentication security and a more user-friendly experience while complying with PSD2’s strong customer authentication requirements.

Both enhancements aim to strengthen the fight against payment fraud while improving consumer options and experience. With the Outseer 3-D Secure ACS solution, our customers can ensure a frictionless authentication process, fortifying defenses against emerging threats while maintaining a seamless shopping experience for cardholders.

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At Outseer, we are empowering our customers to liberate the world from digital fraud by providing solutions that stop fraud, not customers. Our market-leading transactional risk management platform is used by thousands of financial institutions around the world to protect millions of customer accounts and hundreds of billions of banking and card not present transactions annually. Leveraging proven data science, including our proprietary consortium data, our machine learning platform delivers the highest fraud detection rates, lowest false positive rates, and lowest customer intervention in the industry.

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