Outseer Platform
The Outseer Platform is a proven transactional risk management platform that enables our customers to protect digital transactions from login to payment completion. Outseer customers benefit from streamlined fraud operations and lower fraud losses while maintaining an exceptional consumer experience. The platform is designed to mitigate fraud threats faced by financial institutions and card issuers, including card-not-present fraud, account takeover, and bank payment fraud.

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Outseer Risk Engine
Built for precision detection, the Outseer Risk Engine utilizes superior data science and machine learning trained on billions of transactions from the world’s largest financial institutions to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. Our predictive algorithms work in real-time — analyzing transaction data, unique consortium data signals from our Outseer Global Data Network, and first-party and third-party signals.

Superior data models built on rich data inputs

The Outseer Risk Engine uses an array of factors like user data, device data, transactional behavior data, geo-location, EMV 3DS protocol data elements, and more to provide the foundation for transparent authentication and fraud prevention. This holistic data-driven approach allows us to pass transactions unhindered, reserving step-up challenges for only the riskiest transactions or those flagged by your specific policies. Leading to outcomes such as:
  • 97% transaction approval rates
  • 95% fraud detection with 5% intervention

Predictable challenge rate based on your risk appetite

Our normalized risk score gives you the predictability you need to confidently choose the risk score thresholds that meet your business objectives and risk appetite.

Unique customer scoring & explainable results

Outseer Risk Engine tunes the weightings of the risk model predictors for each unique customer based on the feedback from case resolution and authentication results; this ensures improved risk score accuracy and quickly detect the emerging fraud patterns. Unlike black-box risk engines, Outseer provides reason codes that highlight the primary factors influencing a score for explainable results, ensuring informed decision making process.

Orchestrate first- and third-party fraud signals

Outseer Risk Engine can consume signals and intelligence from your knowledge base and or third parties when assessing the risk of an activity or transaction.
Outseer Global Data Network
The Outseer Global Data Network gathers daily signals from millions of transactions marked as fraudulent across thousands of the largest financial institutions worldwide. This data drives decisions that protect your customers while enabling them to interact and transact seamlessly.

The power of collective intelligence

Outseer continuously monitors and tracks fraud activity across an extensive network of financial institutions, card issuers, and issuing processors. When a network member marks an activity as fraudulent in the case management application, the associated signals are shared across the network.

When an attempted activity includes one of the signals from the Outseer Global Data Network (GDN), the risk is automatically adjusted. Our customers can define rules that leverage unique, high-risk facts from specific GDN signals. There are many different types of intelligent signals shared, a few examples include the following:
  • Mobile device identifiers
  • Merchant ID
  • IP & geolocation
  • Hashed International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  • Browser cookies and other device data signals
outseer global data network consortium

Over a decade of fighting fraud together

As one of the pioneers of the fraud consortium concept, the Outseer Global Data Network has been serving our customers for over a decade and counting.

Unrivalled reach

Our globally sourced fraud intelligence spans the largest financial institutions in the world, with thousands of contributors to our consortium daily.

Privacy centric

The Outseer Global Data Network is a reliable, private data source – no personally identifiable information is shared and all data is cleansed prior to being added to the repository.

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