The surge in financial fraud through phishing scams in Japan is undeniable, with over 3 billion Yen stolen in more than 2300 incidents during the first half of 2023. As criminals constantly evolve their tactics, it’s crucial for both individuals and financial institutions to adopt robust protective measures.

Understanding the Impact of Scams

The consequences of these scams are profound. With substantial Yen losses and compromised financial records, victims face not only financial hardship but also emotional distress and compromised personal data. Additionally, these incidents erode consumer trust in financial institutions and online transactions, putting the integrity of the entire financial system at risk.

A Layered Approach to Combatting Financial Fraud

Effectively countering the rising threat of financial fraud and phishing scams demands a multi-faceted approach. This involves proactive measures to detect and prevent various forms of cyber threats, combined with the implementation of advanced solutions like Outseer Fraud Manager and 3-D Secure to ensure secure financial transactions and protect consumers.

Mitigating Scams

Phishing scams remain a leading avenue for financial fraud in Japan. Criminals exploit unsuspecting individuals by impersonating legitimate institutions and coaxing them into revealing sensitive information. Outseer’s solutions work in tandem to combat these and other prevalent fraud threats.

  • Phishing Detection: Outseer’s Anti-fraud Command Center (AFCC) boasts enhanced detection capabilities. By analysing vast data feeds consisting of an average of 140 million URLs per month, it employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to rapidly identify and flag phishing URLs. This allows for swift investigation and action, resulting in a faster response time, heightened detection rates, and reduced instances of false positives in detecting fraud threats.
  • 3-D Secure Fraud Prevention: Outseer’s 3-D Secure provides an additional layer of security for online transactions. Through two-factor authentication and customisable step-up challenges, it verifies user identities before authorising payments. This added verification step significantly diminishes the risk of unauthorised transactions, forming a strong defence against breaches originating from phishing attacks.
  • Cross Channel Protection: Outseer’s Fraud Manager utilises advanced machine learning and data analytics to identify suspicious patterns and behaviours indicative of fraud. By analysing diverse data points, it proactively detects and prevents fraudulent activities. This proactive approach ensures timely identification and prevention of potential financial fraud.

A Unified Defence: A Holistic Approach

The arrest of an overseas suspect in connection with a Japanese phishing operation underscores the global nature of these cybercrimes. With cross-border collaboration becoming imperative, Outseer’s solutions offer a unified defence against these evolving threats.

As advised by the police, individuals should exercise caution when interacting with suspicious messages and only provide sensitive data on trusted platforms. Meanwhile, financial institutions must heed the recommendations of the Japanese Bankers Association and bolster their security infrastructure.

Incorporating proactive phishing attack detection with robust financial transaction protection through Outseer’s solutions creates a comprehensive and layered defence strategy. This not only safeguards consumers’ financial assets but also upholds the reputation of financial institutions, ultimately preserving trust in the digital financial landscape.

To chart a course forward in these changing times, Japanese banks are joining Outseer Connect—an invaluable platform where industry leaders from leading banks and financial institutions converge. Here, participants can engage in in-depth discussions with peers, gaining fresh insights into scam prevention and AI in fraud and its far-reaching impacts. Outseer Connect offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and stay at the forefront of innovative strategies that safeguard both financial institutions and valued customers.

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Nathan Close

Head of Solution Consulting - EMEA and APJ

Nathan Close is a seasoned professional based in the Netherlands and serves as the Head of the Outseer Solution Consulting team for EMEA and APJ. With a decade of experience in solution consulting at Outseer and a total of 15 years in IT security consulting, Nathan has developed a broad expertise in fraud prevention across various industries and customer markets. His wealth of knowledge and practical experience makes him a valuable resource in addressing fraud-related issues.