Accelerating & Protecting Revenue for the Digital Economy

Outseer was inevitable. As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of digital commerce and compressed a decade of transformation into a very small window of time, two dynamics took hold within the digital economy. Even as ecommerce transactions grew to US$4 trillion from US$3 trillion earlier, payment card schemes, issuing banks, and commerce providers experienced a corresponding rise in fraud.

Not just from lone wolves, mind you. I’m talking about fully-orchestrated attacks on global payment networks.

As a veteran of the fraud prevention and digital identity industry, I understood that the level and sophistication of cybercriminal activities was quickly developing into the digital economy’s equivalent of DEFCON 1. By the end of 2020, fraud would earn as much as all the gains in ecommerce revenues earned during this period of unprecedented expansion.

Recognizing the threat, it became clear that spinning out RSA’s Fraud & Risk Intelligence business could enable us to expand our efforts and bring laser focus to delivering science-driven solutions for payments authentication and account monitoring. Our mission: Liberate the world from digital transaction fraud.

Seeing the Unseen, Stopping the “Unstoppable”

That was the genesis of Outseer. It’s also the culmination of decades of science-driven innovation and domain expertise in anti-fraud and payment authentication solutions.

Powered by the industry’s first global consortium of fraud and transaction data and a powerful, identity-centric risk graph, our products recognize authentic customers and fraudsters alike. By seeing what others can’t, we’re able to stop fraudulent transactions before they can happen.

In fact, we set the benchmark for payments authentication, detecting account compromise fraud, and enabling friction-free customer experiences for more than 6,000 of the world’s leading banks, credit card companies, payment providers and more.

As cool as these technologies are, it’s the sense of shared purpose that makes us more than a team. We’re a tribe that’s driven by a common core of values that propel everything we do.

In our view, “customer-first” means anticipating their needs and surpassing their expectations. It’s also about innovation. Fraudsters continuously evolve their tactics and so must we. Most of all, our success comes from the power of our collective intelligence. We are inclusive, open, and thrive on collaboration. Not just within our own team, but our partners as well.

As an extended team, Outseer has the ability to make the world a much safer place. And there are several ways you can join the effort. Become a partner—we tailor our approach to best fit your needs. Become an Outseer. We’re building the best team in the business. Or become a customer, to protect and accelerate your revenue growth and help make the digital economy an inhospitable place for anyone seeking to commit fraud.

Outseer may have been inevitable. But success will depend on us all.

Reed Taussig

Chief Executive Officer

Reed is a 35 year technology industry veteran, responsible for the overall strategy and execution of the Outseer business. He was most recently an operating executive at Marlin Equity Partners. Prior to that Reed was CEO of ThreatMetrix, a SaaS company and a leader in fraud prevention solutions based on digital identity intelligence where he drove innovation and led growth.