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The National Fraud Crisis in the United Kingdom: Outseer Investigates

Reported fraud losses of £3+ billion in the last 12 months; Outseer’s analysts give their comprehensive report on the current UK fraud landscape. This report reflects all fraud incidents reported to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud from July 1, 2021 –June 2022.

“These numbers make for grim reading –showing that fraud is now a part of everyday life for the British public,” commented Mark Crichton, Head of Product at Outseer.

  • Fraud from online shopping and auctions is over 1.5x more common than the second most popular attack vector, advanced fee fraud, which had almost 29,000 reported cases.
  • Dating and romance scams remain widespread, with almost £100 million of reported financial losses over the past 12 months in this category.
  • Financial investment fraud caused the most monetary damage, with reported losses totalling more than £409 million.

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