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Drive higher acceptance rates and minimize false positives for happier, more loyal customers

Expand payment options, not fraud losses

Scan-and-go shopping. Buy now, pay later. Embedded financing. "Invisible" payments that don't just redefine the point-of-sale—they eliminate it. According to Finextra, nearly 60% of consumers will chose a business with these or other emerging payment options over a competitor that lacks them. But fair warning: Without the right defenses in place, strategies to enhance speed and convenience can fuel plenty of growth—in both revenue and fraud. Then again, pumping up payment security has risks of its own. According to
CustomerThink, as much as $118 billion is lost annually to false declines. And Accenture estimates another $1.6 trillion is lost as consumers abandon transactions that lack the speed and security they demand. Good thing Outseer is on the scene. Our anti-fraud solutions leverage data science and shared global transaction data to protect card-not-present transactions and every new payment model under the sun. All in real time. And all with less fraud loss, fewer false positives—and a lot more loyal, happy customers.

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Outseer FraudAction™

Comprehensive threat management service that continuously monitors the cybercrime landscape to protect your business.

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