Stop brand abuse that harms your customers and your brand

Protect consumers from phishing sites, rogue mobile apps, and  social media accounts that impersonate your brand.

End Immaculate Deceptions That Cost You Dearly

Rising brand abuse scams can derail your business strategies and cost your company and its customers billions. Sometimes called "brand exploitation" or even "brandjacking," brand abuse now figures into nearly half of all cyberattacks worldwide. According to Javelin Research, imposter scams led to more than $28 billion in consumer losses in 2021—and show no signs of slowing down. In these schemes, swindlers create expertly crafted counterfeit websites, mobile apps, and social media pages that look just like
the real deal. The objective: fool your customers into revealing payment information, login credentials, and more. If your brand gets impersonated, lost customer trust can cut revenue generated from your legitimate email and digital marketing campaigns by 10% to 25% for a full year, according to Forrester Research. Outseer is the answer. We scan millions of URLs each day, monitor app stores, and scour social media to identify and shut down imposters before they can do serious harm to your customers or your brand.

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Outseer FraudAction™

Comprehensive threat management service that continuously monitors the cybercrime landscape to protect your business.

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