Outseer Risk Engine™

Modern identity science meets predictive analytics: Outseer Risk Engine™ assesses more than 100 different data intelligence indicators to provide accurate risk evaluations to help identify and prevent fraud.

By predicting what others can't, our risk engine delivers the best fraud detection and lowest intervention rates in the industry. And because our data science team’s fraud expertise is reflected in continuous improvements in our modeling, we deliver the best outcomes every time.

Covid has accelerated the digital transformation of everything. Global spending on e-commerce reached $4.2T in 2020, a growth of almost 28% since the prior year1. Meanwhile, not a day goes by when phishing attacks, malware, and man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-Browser attacks that lead to transaction fraud don't seem to make headlines. Regardless of these threats, customers expect secure, instant, uninterrupted interactions and transactions. Financial institutions, payment card issuers, merchants, and others are challenged to meet and exceed these expectations while preventing fraud that can cost them millions. Organizations need to be prepared for these potential payment risks and challenges, and solutions need to provide security without sacrificing the user experience. By harnessing identity science and global fraud and transaction data, Outseer products pinpoint both authentic customers and bad actors with the highest accuracy across all digital channels. All while reducing friction for legitimate customers.