Outseer Global Data Network™

The Outseer Global Data Network is the industry’s first global consortium of shared fraud and transaction data for reported fraud.

Designed to help see what others can’t, Outseer’s Global Data Network gathers data from transactions spanning thousands of companies in numerous industries around the world to drive decisions that protect your business and keep your customer safe.

Today, cybercriminal groups have adopted many of the same technologies and organizational efficiencies seen in any modern enterprise. They also nurture networks to sell, barter, and share stolen identity information, payment card numbers, and much more. Sometimes, members of these fraud networks work together to maximize the value of pilfered information. As a result, a go- it-alone approach against this kind of collusion is increasingly a losing proposition. With a growing number of cybercriminal organizations rapidly federating, more businesses are realizing the value of taking a more coordinated approach. That is what Outseer is all about. By harnessing identity science and global fraud and transaction data, our products give you the foresight to pinpoint both authentic customers and bad actors with the highest accuracy across all digital channels. And all while reducing friction for legitimate customers. A key enabling technology platform underlying our products is the Outseer Global Data Network.