Outseer FraudAction™

Protect your brand and your customers with our
24/7 fraud intelligence and cyberattack takedown service

As businesses embrace digital transformation, they face increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Outseer FraudAction™ continuously monitors the threat landscape to give you unprecedented visibility into external threats targeting your company or impersonating your brand.

Our industry-leading takedown service rapidly shuts down the phishing and malware sites, rogue mobile apps, and fraudulent social media pages used to launch these attacks. According to the FBI, cybercrime rose an astonishing 69% in 2020, accounting for more than $4.2 billion in direct financial losses in the US alone. Phishing-based brand impersonation is the primary driver in more than half of all cybercrime losses. These scams hijack your brand identity and reputation to fool your employees or customers into paying money or inadvertently revealing login credentials and other sensitive information. What’s more, cybercriminal organizations are becoming more sophisticated by the day. In addition to phishing, a growing number of attacks involve fraudulent social media pages and malicious mobile apps distributed by trusted app stores. The good news: As fraudsters adapt their tactics, so do we.