Specialized data feed added to market leading threat monitoring and takedown service to identify and respond to emerging threats

Bedford, MA – July 3, 2023 – Outseer, a leader in providing solutions that defend against fraud, announced a key enhancement to its FraudAction service, adding a new data feed focused on fighting credential theft and malware. Digital and mobile banking are increasingly targeted by credential-stealing malware. Outseer has added this specialized data feed to its market-leading FraudAction threat monitoring and take down service to empower financial institutions (FIs) to detect, flag, monitor, and investigate potential threats even more effectively.

With this latest release, FraudAction has added a data feed category – Credential Recovery – to report compromised usernames and login details of protected clients. These credentials are discovered by continuous monitoring from our Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC) of fraudulent activity by cyber criminals based on data feeds from malware logs associated with the organization’s websites. Additionally, a sub-category of Credential Recovery, named Malware Logs, provides the actual details of the fraudster logs where the credential compromise was discovered.

In addition to making these new categories of compromised data available in the FraudAction dashboard, they are also available through FraudAction APIs. Utilizing these APIs, FIs and Security Operations Center (SOC) providers can seamlessly integrate these data feeds into their existing systems and processes, ensuring comprehensive protection and streamlined threat management.

“The AFCC was the first of its kind to offer an anti-phishing solution, in 2004 and it continues that tradition of innovation today with this new Credential Recovery intelligence,” said Yogesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer at Outseer. “Leveraging expertise and relationships with internet hosting companies, law enforcement and other agencies, FraudAction has the largest and longest-standing fraud operations center in the world. The relationships built over 20 years with a global network of over 17,000 ISPs, hosting authorities, international law-enforcement agencies, and other entities allow Outseer to offer the most comprehensive threat monitoring and takedown service in the world.”

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Outseer is the global market leader in fraud prevention solutions that enable financial institutions to reduce fraud losses and operational costs while improving customer experience. Leveraging our 20-year history as RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence, Outseer continues to innovate, protecting digital transactions from ever-evolving fraud threats. Outseer achieves this through our experienced global team, with employees in over 15 countries. Our proven AI-based platform leverages unique data science built on decades of global transaction data, including our proprietary consortium data, and intelligently orchestrates diverse data signals and authentication flows. Trusted by thousands of customers in over 50 countries, including hundreds of the world’s largest financial institutions, our solutions safeguard millions of accounts, billions of transactions, and trillions of dollars annually. Outseer is backed by established private equity investors that share our vision for liberating the world from transaction fraud. To learn more about how Outseer delivers fraud solutions that Stop Fraud Not Customers®, visit outseer.com.

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