Outseer continued partnership with EMVCo and the card networks keeps clients up to date and compliant as well as providing access to the most current fraud fighting capabilities

BEDFORD, MA – October 2, 2023Outseer, a leading provider in solutions that defend against fraud, today announced enhancements of their 3-D Secure solution and recertification from Mastercard to adhere to the most current EMVCo and Mastercard standards. Recertification ensures that the Access Control Server, Directory Server, 3-D Secure Server, and 3-D Secure SDK comply with the latest EMV® Specifications. This adherence guarantees that the systems used by issuers for authenticating cardholders meet the highest security standards.

The recertification process for EMVCo includes the EMV® 3-D Secure Approval Processes in which 3-D Secure (3DS) approval is granted to the products used to authenticate card holders by using the 3DS flow. The 3DS approval process attests the compliance of the Access Control Server, Directory Server, 3DS Server and 3DS SDK to the EMV® Specifications. EMVCo certification is a prerequisite for Mastercard Identity Check™ global authentication program that utilizes the Mastercard authentication network in conjunction with EMVCo protocols.

“Outseer (formerly RSA) was one of the pioneers of 3-D Secure solutions in partnership with EMVCo, the card networks and our customers since the initial spec was released in 2001,” said Yogesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer at Outseer. “These standards are ever evolving as technology and threats evolve and they are a critical element of our leadership for these solutions. Our 20+ year relationship with EMVCo and the card networks represents an exceptional standard of collaboration in fighting ecommerce fraud that has translated into exceptional experiences for today’s card holders.”

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Outseer is the global market leader in fraud prevention solutions that enable financial institutions to reduce fraud losses and operational costs while improving customer experience. Leveraging our 20-year history as RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence, Outseer continues to innovate, protecting digital transactions from ever-evolving fraud threats. Outseer achieves this through our experienced global team, with employees in over 15 countries. Our proven AI-based platform leverages unique data science built on decades of global transaction data, including our proprietary consortium data, and intelligently orchestrates diverse data signals and authentication flows. Trusted by thousands of customers in over 50 countries, including hundreds of the world’s largest financial institutions, our solutions safeguard millions of accounts, billions of transactions, and trillions of dollars annually. Outseer is backed by established private equity investors that share our vision for liberating the world from transaction fraud. To learn more about how Outseer delivers fraud solutions that Stop Fraud Not Customers®, visit outseer.com.

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