Advanced Diagnostic Tool Propels Value Optimization for Outseer Customers.

BOSTON – August 15, 2023: Outseer, a leader in providing fraud solutions that protect financial accounts from login through payment, is thrilled to announce it has invested in a deep fraud performance diagnostic tool for its Fraud Manager platform. Preventing fraud is a more pressing challenge than ever for financial institutions, and the most impactful advances are often found through truly optimizing existing solutions. Complementing Outseer’s proven transactional risk management platform with an advanced performance diagnostic tool allows customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their fraud fighting investments.

Outseer has invested in a diagnostic tool designed to improve the depth of insights its customers can gain into the performance of the Outseer Fraud Manager platform. This diagnostic tool includes the capability to compare the performance of different data signals being orchestrated through the Outseer platform.

“It is necessary but not sufficient for us to advance our data science and platform orchestration capabilities – even machine learning platforms like ours require tuning as the threat landscape and customer objectives evolve.” says Yogesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer at Outseer. “We continue to invest in deep performance diagnostics to deliver full transparency into performance of the Outseer platform.”

Customers who engage with the Outseer customer success team report higher performance and recognize more overall value from their investment. Outseer’s expertise has been developed over many years spent working day in, day out with the largest financial institutions in the world across trillions of transactions.

“We strive to ensure that our customers not only receive market-leading solutions but also maximize the value they derive from them,” stated Mark Harvey, Chief Customer Success Officer at Outseer. “Fighting fraud is an ongoing process and Outseer is committed to providing a range of truly expert advisory services that help our customers continually dial in our platform for maximum value. In addition to optimizing their own fraud KPIs, we enable our customers to target industry best benchmarks that we observe across our base of 400+ customers.”

Outseer’s ongoing investment in customer success reinforces their position as a trusted partner, offering market leading solutions coupled with best-in-class diagnostic tools and value optimization services.

About Outseer

At Outseer, we are empowering our customers to liberate the world from digital fraud by providing solutions that stop fraud, not customers. Our market-leading fraud and authentication platform is used by thousands of financial institutions around the world to protect millions of customer accounts and billions of transactions annually. Leveraging proven data science, including our proprietary consortium data, our customers use our risk-based, machine learning platform to deliver the highest fraud detection rates, lowest false positive rates, and lowest customer intervention in the industry.

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