Enhancements made to workflows and investigative support for Outseer’s case management, configuration & policy management

Bedford, MA – April 3, 2023 – Outseer, a leader in providing solutions that defend against  fraud, announced the release of updated and enhanced management capabilities for its market leading 3-D Secure solution, which includes improvements to its case management, configuration and policy management capabilities to streamline workflows and investigative support.

The enhancements ensure that more detailed information is passed to the case manager for quicker identification and action of compromised cards. As soon as a transaction fails, Outseer 3-D Secure generates a case in the case management platform for review by fraud analysts with enhanced details that will reduce their total investigation time. The analyst is then able to resolve and properly mark the transaction as fraud and submit it to the Outseer Global Data Network (GDN). The GDN is used by the Outseer Risk Engine not only to improve the performance of individual clients, but to benefit the entire network of Outseer client issuers and processors. This results in higher fraud catch as well as lower false positives.

In addition, enhancements were made to the Outseer configuration manager and policy manager. Unlike other providers who rely on professional services to make changes to policies and operational management workflows, Outseer 3-D Secure has instead improved its superior management platform to include the ability to support configurations tailored for language, payment type, branding, and messaging to the consumer to improve overall customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

“Outseer (formerly RSA) is committed to having the lowest operational overhead of any 3DS solution,” said Yogesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer at Outseer. “We know that with the choice of Outseer, issuers can generate 8 figure profit differences from other competitive providers with operational efficiency being one of the key improvement areas in addition to higher fraud capture rates, lower false positives, and higher interchange income from increased transaction conversion rates.”

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About Outseer

Outseer is the global market leader in fraud prevention solutions that enable financial institutions to reduce fraud losses and operational costs while improving customer experience. Leveraging our 20-year history as RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence, Outseer continues to innovate, protecting digital transactions from ever-evolving fraud threats. Outseer achieves this through our experienced global team, with employees in over 15 countries. Our proven AI-based platform leverages unique data science built on decades of global transaction data, including our proprietary consortium data, and intelligently orchestrates diverse data signals and authentication flows. Trusted by thousands of customers in over 50 countries, including hundreds of the world’s largest financial institutions, our solutions safeguard millions of accounts, billions of transactions, and trillions of dollars annually. Outseer is backed by established private equity investors that share our vision for liberating the world from transaction fraud. To learn more about how Outseer delivers fraud solutions that Stop Fraud Not Customers®, visit outseer.com.

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