Why Orchestration of Fraud Signals & Customer Interventions Are Key to Fighting Scams & Authorized Payment Fraud

Scams and Authorized Push Payment fraud are top of mind for banking and fraud professionals given the challenge they pose in protecting consumer accounts. Fraudsters continue to evolve and become more sophisticated in their approach by using rich personal data combined with generative AI to scam consumers across multiple channels.

Independent fraud signals identifying when a consumer may be getting scammed also continue to evolve. However, instead of treating signal lift independently, a more sophisticated approach to the orchestration of various fraud signals, when and where they are applied, and subsequent interventions with consumers based on the outcomes of those risk signals show even greater promise. This new approach could dramatically reduce the risk of APP fraud and deliver new contextual signals from the consumer making the payment.

This panel, led by American Banker, will engage with experts from Datos Insights and Outseer to discuss the threat posed by scams and the potential of using a variety of step-up and contextual interventions with consumers to mitigate the threat.