Press Release: Outseer Releases Latest Fraud & Payments Report for 1H 2022

Buy Now, Pay Later Installments

Provide seamless fraud protection for your BNPL Installment Programs

Continuous authentication to protect the entire digital payments journey.

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Buy Now, Pay Later is one of the fastest growing payment areas around the globe.

According to Insider Intelligence, global Buy Now, Pay Later spend is set to hit $680 billion in volume by 2025. As BNPL installment usage explodes, fraudsters are capitalizing on these trends.

Two of the most prevalent forms of fraud perpetrated in BNPL and installment use cases are Synthetic Identity fraud and Account Takeover (ATO) fraud.

Synthetic identity fraud is a $6 billion dollar problem, and according to the FBI, is one of the fastest growing types of financial crimes.

ATO fraud growth has been fueled by the surge in data breaches in recent years, increasing 850% between Q2 2020 and Q2 2021.

Outseer's BNPL Installments solutions are designed to address these and other fraud scenarios to provide continuous authentication throughout the digital payments journey. This includes end to end protection for cardholders as they Enroll, Shop & Pay, and Manage their BNPL Installment transactions.

Fraud Protection at Every Step

  1. Enroll

    Securely Enroll Your Cardholders in your BNPL Installments Program

    Use Outseer Emerging Payments™ to protect against synthetic identity fraud and account enrollment fraud.

  2. Shop & Pay

    Seamlessly Validate Payments When Your Cardholders Shop & Pay

    Use Outseer Emerging Payments™ solutions to protect against CNP fraud, including fraudulent card use.

  3. Manage

    Holistically Protect Cardholders as they Manage their BNPL Installment Plans

    Use Outseer Emerging Payments™ solutions to protect against account takeover (ATO) fraud and fraudulent card use.

Enabled by

Outseer Risk Engine™

Analyzes hundreds of data elements and uses predictive algorithms to detect and prevent fraud

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Outseer Global Data Network™

The first contributory data consortium for fraud prevention that amasses risk signals from across thousands of Outseer customers and partners

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